Multi roomheat pumps

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Multi room heat pumps

A multi room heat pump is the ideal way to keep multiple rooms or your whole house feeling comfortable all year round. There are lots of choices when it comes to efficiently heating your whole home, and your EES expert will recommend options that work for you.

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Multi room options

High wall mounted

A high wall heat pump sits high on the wall of the room you need heated and is connected to an outside unit. If several rooms each have a high wall heat pump outlet connected to one outside unit, this is called a multi-split heat pump.

Floor console

Floor mounted heat pump units can look fantastic and perform exceptionally well. They are a great solution if you are looking for something a little more discreet, or if there isn’t enough appropriate wall space for a high wall installation. If you’d like a more slim line look, EES can recess them into the wall to help ensure an attractive profile.

Cassette (ceiling) heat pump

Ceiling mounted heat pump units are often a clever solution for tricky home heating jobs when you don’t have enough wall space for high wall mounted or floor consoles. Mounted in the ceiling of your home or office, they connect through the roof space above. A ceiling mount can deliver climate control flow in one or four directions, depending on the room and your requirements.


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Heat pump installation

Multiple room heat pump solutions require expert installation, so that's exactly what EES offers. Our expert installers will ensure your installation is professionally installed.

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Warranties and maintenance

We want your multi room heat pump to deliver many years of trouble-free operation. So we back up our manufacturer's warranties with expert service and helpful phone and online support.

Payment options

If you would prefer to spread the cost of your heat pump over time, we can help. Visit our finance page for options or to see our latest finance offer.


Can I heat my whole house with a heat pump?

Yes you can. A ducted or multi-split heat pump can heat as many rooms as you need it to.

Do you need a heat pump in every room?

Each heat pump or ceiling / floor vent will warm one room, so you'll need one for each room you want to heat.

Are whole house heat pumps worth it?

Whole-home or ducted systems are an efficient choice when you want to warm every room in your home. Talk to your EES expert about which system is best for you.

What is the cheapest whole-house heating system?

Your choice of ducted, multi-split or single room heat pump will depend on your home and how you use it. Talk to your EES expert about which system is best for you.

What is the difference between single-split and multi-split heat pumps?

A single-split heat pump has one indoor unit and one outdoor unit, and only warms one room. A multi-split heat pump has one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units, warming several rooms.

Do I need multiple heat pumps?

You only need a heat pump for the rooms you want to heat - it's up to you.

Guys were awesome did fantastic job. Team know their stuff. Avinesh , varun & sam is very good team and explained the scope very well. Heatpump installation done beyond the expectations.