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Single room or whole home ducted heat pumps are a great way to keep warm. But you don’t buy one every day, so there can be a confusing amount of choice, and it can be hard to know if you’re getting great value.

At EES, we make all that easy!

EES operates in Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty, with expert installation teams to make sure you get a heat pump system to keep your home comfortable all year round.

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Heat pump options

Single room

Floor console or high wall, a single room heat pump is the easy way to heat or cool just one room (such as a bedroom or living area).

Single room heat pumps Single room heat pumps

Multi room

A multi room (also called multi split) heat pump puts a high wall, floor console, cassette or bulkhead unit in each room you want heated, connected to a single outdoor unit. Multi room heat pumps allow individual temperature control for each room.

Multi room heat pumps Multi room heat pumps

Ducted systems

A ducted heat pump from EES is the ultimate home comfort solution. A powerful heat pump unit concealed in your roof space delivers warm air to every room via discreet ceiling or floor vents. Ducted heat pump systems can get complicated and costly… but with EES you know we’ll make it easy!

Ducted heat pumps Ducted heat pumps

Heat pump installation

Even a single room heat pump needs to be properly and safely installed, and that goes double for a ducted system! Our trained installers and electricians will install your heat pump / air conditioner professionally and safely.


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Phone 0800 337 123
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Warranties and maintenance

Just like your car, your new heat pump will work best when regularly serviced. Our team covers scheduled servicing, warranty repairs and more

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What is a heat pump and how does it work?

A heat pump works by taking ambient heat from the outside air and delivering it to rooms that need to be heated.

Is a heat pump better than central heating?

A ducted heat pump is a form of central heating. A big advantage is that a heat pump can also cool your home in summer.

Is a heat pump better than an electric heater?

A heat pump is generally a more efficient way to warm your home than electric resistance heating*. A heat pump will also cool your home in summer.

Is a heat pump better than an oil heater?

A heat pump is great at warming an entire room quickly and efficiently, rather than just warming one part of a room like an oil heater might.

Is a heat pump more efficient than a wood burner?

A heat pump is one of the most efficient heating methods available. You can read more about heating options here:

What is the difference between a heat pump and a split system?

All heat pumps are split systems. It just means there's an outside unit connected to your indoor unit by pipes carrying the refrigerant (the special liquid that moves heat energy around the system).

What is the difference between a ducted heat pump and a heat pump?

A ducted heat pump is a type of heat pump system that delivers warm air from one central unit to each of your rooms via ducts.

Do heat pumps also provide air conditioning?

Yes! A great benefit of a heat pump is that they will also operate as air conditioners in summer. (Heat pump and air conditioner are two names for the same thing.)

Can a heat pump heat a whole house?

Yes! A ducted or multi split heat pump can heat every room in your house.

How long will a heat pump last?

All of our heat pumps come with comprehensive manufacturer's warranties. To get the most from your heat pump, make sure it's regularly serviced (both the inside and outside units).

What is the cost to put in a heat pump?

Your EES expert will give you an obligation-free quote once you've completed your free home consultation.

Are wall mounted heat pumps efficient?

How many heat pumps do I need for my house?

It depends on how many rooms you want to heat. If you want to heat your entire home, or more than a couple of rooms, then a multi split or ducted system could be a good choice.

Do you need a heat pump on each floor?

Multi-storey homes require customised solutions - your EES expert will give you an exact recommendation once they visit.

Do I need a heat pump in every room?

Each room that you want to heat will either need a single room heat pump or an outlet for a ducted heat pump system.

Do heat pumps need to be installed outside?

Yes. Heat pumps work by extracting ambient heat from the outside air so your system will need an outside unit.

Where is the best place to install a heat pump?

Your EES expert will advise on the best location for your high wall, floor console or ducted heat pump.

Guys were awesome did fantastic job. Team know their stuff. Avinesh , varun & sam is very good team and explained the scope very well. Heatpump installation done beyond the expectations.