Why year-round comfort is too important to leave to just anyone.

30 August 2023

There was a time when many of us didn’t have a choice about being warm in winter or cool in summer. In winter, the one heater or fireplace in the house warmed anyone lucky enough to sit in front of it, and that was it. In summer, you just opened the doors and windows when it was too hot (and tried not to worry about noise, hay fever and even security risks).

Today there are a few more choices.

At EES we believe that heat pumps are a great way to give your family year-round comfort. Today’s heat pumps are quiet, easy to use and efficient (compared to most other heating choices).

With any technology, though, things can quickly get complicated. Single-room or multi-room? Do you want to control the temperature in each room separately? If you only want to heat or cool one room, should the unit be mounted up on the wall or down on the floor? And what sort of heating or cooling capacity does each room in your home need? Choose a unit that’s too small, and it will have to work too hard, and you might not get the result you need. Too much, and you could spend more than you need up front.

Thinking ducted? It’s time for expert advice

When you want the ultimate home comfort solution, a ducted heat pump / air conditioning system delivers. A ducted system warms or cools your home with one large heat pump in your roof space, paired with a single outdoor unit.

In your living areas, though, there’s almost nothing to see. Just small ceiling or floor vents quietly filling your home with heated or cooled air to keep it at the perfect temperature.

The control is just as sophisticated as the heating technology. Depending on the system you choose, a wall controller or a smartphone app put home comfort at your fingertips, allowing you to set your desired temperature, tell the system when you want it to turn on and off, and more.

Ducted or whole-home heat pump systems really are top of the line. What’s more, every system is custom-designed for your home, your family and your climate. To deliver a system your family will enjoy for years to come takes expert advice, and that’s exactly what EES offers!

Sure, we offer great brands like Mitsubishi and Panasonic. And we’ll certainly give you great value for money, whether it’s a simple single-room installation or a customised whole-home solution.

Where you’ll really love working with EES though is when we take the time to understand exactly what you need from your home, all year round, and we apply our expertise to come up with a solution that’s right for you.

The service doesn’t end when the installation’s done

Just like your car, your new heat pump will need proper servicing to work at its peak for years to come. So when you deal with EES you know we’ll be there to service and support your investment for as long as you need it. We’ve got our own trained service teams on the ground in Auckland and the Waikato. And we’re owned by Vector, one of New Zealand’s largest infrastructure companies.

So on the one hand, home comfort is pretty simple. You know straight away when you’re feeling too cold or too hot. Making sure that doesn’t happen – creating a system for your home and your budget to deliver year-round comfort – it a bit trickier. It’s when expert advice pays off, and why EES are proud to call ourselves Auckland and Waikato’s heat pump experts.

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