What if there was no “cold end of the house”? Welcome to the world of ducted heat pumps.

31 August 2023

You enjoy your dinner, maybe catch a show on the TV or even steam for a while in the bath.


Bliss, that is, until it’s time to head for bed.

As you turn off the lights and head for the hallway you know what’s waiting:

The big chill.

As you step from that toasty lounge into your unheated hallway, and on to your unheated bedroom, you wonder: why am I putting up with this??

The good news is: you don’t have to. There’s a solution to that demoralising bedtime chill and it’s called a ducted heat pump.

A ducted heat pump delivers air at just the right temperature to every room in your home–not just the ones with heaters. Instead of installing a heater or individual heat pump in just a few rooms, a ducted system includes a central heat pump unit hidden in your roof space, along with a single outdoor unit. Setting the perfect temperature is easy: just tap the central control panel. Or if you’re going to be the first one home from work, set it on the optional smartphone app.

One size does not heat all

Unlike standalone heaters or heat pumps, a ducted system needs to be custom-designed by experts to suit the layout of your home and how you use it. That’s where EES shines. Our specialists will spend time measuring up your home, understanding how you use each room in winter and summer, then recommending a custom solution we know you’re going to love.

Our installation team will then install your new system with a minimum of disruption and impact on the look of your home. Once we’re finished and tidied up, all you’ll see is a small vent in the ceiling of each room and a central control panel.

You’ll certainly feel the difference though! Especially on those winter’s evenings when you leave that toasty living room and walk into your now-toasty hallway and even toastier bedroom.

Here for the long haul

EES’s ducted heat pump service doesn’t end when you first turn on your system. We stand beside every system we design, sell and install and will support you with regular service visits for the life of your system. It’s a great way to keep everything running in top condition…and keep those winter nights cosy for you and your family.

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