Netflix without the chill: why heat pumps are such a hit

7 September 2023

Snuggling up on the couch to watch a great movie or binge the latest series is a Kiwi winter tradition. But it can be hard to follow what’s happening on screen when your toes and nose start turning blue!

Wherever you live in Aotearoa there are some nights (and mornings) when you need to dial up the heat. There are plenty of choices when it comes to home heating… from that radiator you bought when you were a student to a roaring open fire. But for our money, one of the best choices you can make is a heat pump.

What is it? Basically a heat pump works like an air conditioner, only in reverse. Even on cold days, outisde air contains heat energy. A heat pump captures this via a radiator and delivers the heat energy to an indoor unit which blows air over it to warm your home.

These days there’s a heat pump option to suit pretty much any home.

These range from individual indoor units (choose from either high wall or floor mounted options), to whole home ducted systems that deliver warm air to every room in the house.

And here’s a bonus: in summer, just set your heat pump to “cooling” mode and it works in reverse, taking heat from your rooms and replacing it with lovely cool air. Aaaah, bliss!

As if all that isn’t enough, heat pumps can be good for your pocket too. One of the main reasons people choose a heat pump to heat a room or two – or their whole home – is efficiency. A modern heat pump is one of the most efficient waya there is to go from chilly to toasty.

If it sounds like we’re excited about heat pumps, it’s becaiuse we are! At EES, heat pumps and air conditioning are all we do. So if you’re interested in what one can do for your home, get in touch today… just don’t wait until another chilly winter has gone by!

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