2017 Guide To Ducted Heat Pump Systems

2017 Guide To Ducted Heat Pump Systems

Most Kiwis know about heat pumps. However every year, more and more New Zealanders are choosing to have ducted heat pumps installed. This centralised heating solution helps to ensure the entire house is always comfortable and warm.


What Is A Ducted Heat Pump?

Ducted heat pump systems get their name because they incorporate ducts which supply heated or cooled air to every room. A ducted heat pump can be located in the roof space or under the house and feeds warm or cool air via ducts to each room in the house.  


How Do They Work?

A heat pump extracts heat energy from the air outside, runs it through a heat exchanger, then uses it to heat the inside of your home. Heat pumps are the most energy efficient form of electric heating.

A ducted central heat pump unit is installed in your ceiling or underfloor space then pumps the warm or cold air through insulated ducts and discreet vents in each room. The ducted vents can be fully customised to match the style and decor of your house.

You control the temperature with a thermostat so the whole home is at an even temperature, or you can use zones to heat some areas and not others. For example, you may choose to only keep bedroom heating on throughout the night. Using your heat pump timer will also help you save energy. You can set it to turn on a few minutes before you get up in the morning or before you get home at night.


What Are The Benefits Vs Other Forms Of Home Heating?

You may be familiar with typical heat pump units. These are common in New Zealand and are either mounted high on the wall, on the ceiling, or on the floor. The disadvantages include the space they take up, and aesthetic concerns. They also won’t heat your entire house if you only have one in your living room.

Meanwhile, other solutions like fireplaces can be messy and create fumes. Multiple electric heaters can be inefficient, especially if you’re trying to heat an entire house

This is why ducted heat pumps are becoming a popular choice. They allow you to heat or cool an entire house efficiently and with ease. Plus they are unobtrusive and discrete which means they won’t compete with the aesthetics of your home.

These ducted heat pump systems are also fully customisable to perfectly suit the size and layout of your home. A system that is designed for your home will be highly efficient when compared with multiple, non-integrated solutions.


Can I Have A System Installed In My House?

Almost certainly. Most houses can accommodate a heat pump system if there is space in the roof or under the floor. The system typically consists of a single, large capacity interior unit hidden away discreetly in the ceiling space, or under the floor. The heated air is then pumped through multiple insulated ducts to outlets/vents in rooms throughout your house.

These systems have very low visual impact. The visible components are flush vents in each room. Properly installed, these systems will keep your home warm and cosy in winter - and cool in summer - for many years to come.

Product Review: Panasonic Ducted Heat Pumps

Our Panasonic range is a very popular choice. Our experienced heat pump technicians literally know them inside out! We encourage you to check out the range of tests conducted on Panasonic heat pump units.

Some of these tests include:

Low Noise Test:    

The noise test verifies that the operating noise is low enough to allow the user to talk and sleep comfortably while the product is operating.

Environmental Test:

Conditions such as the amount of sunlight entering the room from outdoors are changed while measuring a variety of parameters, such as cooling speed, cooling efficiency, and temperature and humidity differences throughout the room. This makes it possible to confirm whether the air conditioner is operating at its optimum performance level under ever-changing conditions.

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Test:  

This test determines whether electromagnetic waves emitted during operation are sufficiently low to prevent interference with other appliances

Long-term Durability Test:

The results of this test, which is conducted under conditions that are much more severe than actual operating conditions, prove the rugged strength of Panasonic air conditioners.

Panasonic Heat Pumps New Zealand]


Lower quality units can be noisy and less reliable.

In terms of industry awards, Panasonic were named top choice for heat pumps by Consumer New Zealand.

Created to help Kiwis identify brands that perform strongly across an entire product category, Top Brand is measured on three variables including customer satisfaction, reliability, and testing to ensure that products measure up”.

Panasonic was also recently voted the Most Trusted New Zealand Heat Pump brand for 2016 by Reader's Digest.

Panasonic heat pumps are also ENERGY STAR rated. EECA awards the ENERGY STAR® mark to products and appliances with superior energy efficiency within their category.

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