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EES heat pump servicing

Expert servicing for all makes of air conditioning and heat pumps

EES are Auckland’s heat pump and air conditioning experts. And that includes service! A modern heat pump is an advanced piece of technology. So to keep it operating at its best, regular servicing is important.

Your EES service visit goes well beyond the basics and will leave you confident that your heating and cooling solution will keep delivering, year after year.

Annual high wall service

This is an annual service for any heat pump system.

  • Remove and clean filters on the internal unit
  • Clean indoor condenser coils
  • Check and clear any faults
  • Replace battery for infrared remote controller
  • Check and record air-in temperature and air-out temperature
  • Clean indoor water drain and tray
  • Check condensate pump
  • Check insulation of copper piping
  • Check all capping is intact and secure
  • Clean outdoor unit, clear all debris and obstructions to ensure clear air flow
  • Check outdoor unit is level and securely fixed
  • Clean outdoor unit and check for corrosion
  • Clean outdoor condenser coils
  • Check all penetrations
  • Label switchboard, indoor and outdoor units
  • Check outdoor unit is a minimum of 1500mm from any gas bottles

Annual ducted system service

As above with the addition of:

  • Replace all filters on internal unit
  • Check all outlet diffusers
  • Check all flexible ducting is saddled and supported
  • Check all rooms are receiving even and appropriate volume of air

Note: this is not a full system balance. This is a separate service if required.


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